I am founder and creative director of Pinkstinks a campaign which works to expose the rampant gender stereotyping on sale on our high streets, and to promote positive healthy and realistic role models for our girls.

In September of 2009 I won a Sheila McKechnie award along with my twin sister, in the ‘Women Creating Change’ catagory, for our campaigning efforts with Pinkstinks. In December of 2009 our ‘Early Learning Emergncy’ campaign received press coverage in over 45 countries around the world. We continue to campaign on issues of gender stereotyping which is rampant on our highstreets, the media and on the internet, in particular with issues concerning children.


Pinkstinks won a Mumsnet ‘body confidence’ Award presented at the House of Commons in 2012 for our campaigning.

We continue to do media appearances and work supporting other campaigning organisations within the same sphere.Pinkstinks JPEG